Office 365 products you might not know about

The more I talk to people about how they are using their Office 365 subscription, the more I notice how people are missing out on quite a lot of value that is included as part of the service, sometimes this includes the obvious ones like Skype for Business and SharePoint but there are many others that people just don’t seem to know about. Here is a few of the ones I find most people know nothing about.

Microsoft Bookings
This is a great service for people on a Business Premium subscription (there is a way to enable this for E3 and E5 clients also) where you can activate a pubic bookings page for your clients. It hooks into your calendars to provide available booking times and also comes with a handy app where you can accept of decline bookings.

Additionally it allows you to group people with services and it also lets you set some pricing information.

To enable this for E3 and E5 customers first enable first release for all users in your admin center and then go to this link:

Microsoft Staff Hub
Staff hub is a time management system for businesses who have shift workers and deskless staff. Once again it has its own mobile app and allows managers to assign shifts while allowing staff to swap them. Additionally it has some lite document management and collaboration features. It is available on the K1, E1, E2, E3, and E5 plans.

Microsoft Flow
Microsoft flow is used for automating business processes, it can do everything from sending you a phone notification when someone updates a file, to saving attachments automatically to cloud storage and much, much more.

The best feature of Microsoft Flow is it has a free plan and you don’t even need Office 365, in fact you can use it for automating processes that have nothing to do with Office 365 at all. For example you could send twitter post to a Google sheet or post a twitter update each time you add a photo to instagram.

Thanks for reading.