Office 365 MFA – App Passwords

Continuing on from my previous blog post on Office 365 MFA, another common requirement is for App passwords.

App passwords are needed when Multi-factor Authentication is Enforced on your account to login with non-web based applications like Outlook and Skype for Buisness. These are single use, per application passwords that are separate from your normal password.

App passwords need to be automatically generated on the website for use in these applications, please note that these passwords can not be customized.

  1. You will first need to login to using your Office 365 account. From here click your name the top right corner of the screen and select the Profile option.

  2. On the Profile page click “Additional security verification”

  3. On the Additonal Security Verification page click “app passwords” and then click create.

  4. Give your password a name to identify which application you plan to use the password with.

  5. Copy the password and paste it into the application when requested. Please note that you can not view this password again. If you need to reinstall the application later, the best option is to remove the old app password and create another. Don’t store these passwords.